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Women in Big Data and LinkedIn: Vision 2020

By Regina Karson, WiBD Board Member and Chapter Director.

On Jan 22nd, 2020, LinkedIn hosted an event in partnership with Women in Big Data. More than 200 professionals gathered to hear and share their vision for the brand-new decade. The event covered a number of talks around LinkedIn’s key recommendation feature: Jobs You May Be Interested In (or JYMBII for short). The talks ranged from challenges in search and recommendation AI systems, Data Science, and Trust and Fairness, as well as the infrastructure components required to scale to a global pool of more than half a billion members!

Please click here for the complete blog and video of the session.

Special thank yous to Suja Viswesan, Director of Engineering, LinkedIn,  Sunitha Beeram, Apache Spark LinkedIn and all of the remarkable LinkedIn women who presented.

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